15 Amazing Phone Secret Codes You Don't Know, That Exist on Your Android/iPhone Devices

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Now a day, in this nature of ours, where everyone is addicted to the use of mobile phone especially Android phone. However it is only few people know about the hidden opportunity available by pressing some certain key combination, there are many of these codes some of which work with certain model like iPhones and android. You can try out these codes to find out some cool features on your devices which you never knew that exist.
Do you know that you can hide your number in every outgoing calls you make? Read this post to the end to find out the code for the function.

1. IMEI number: Dialing the code *06# will display the IMEI number of your device.

What is IMEI number? It is known as INTERNATIONAL MOBILE EQUIPTMENT IDENTITY NUMBER (IMEI) it is the unique number for your phone number, which comprises of 15 digits which is very useful in a lot of cases for example, when you lost your phone or stolen, this IMEI number is use to track down the lost device or block the phone completely from any access by the thief. 

2. Number Identification: The code *#30# will help you turn on your number identification on or off from your service provider network.

3. Statistics and secret menu code: You can use the combination *#*#4636#*#* if you are using an android device to see the testing, signal for WI-FI and also the battery information(health and temperature ) as well as the CPU information of your device.

4. No outgoing calls: This code *33*# only works on iphone device, its main function is to disable any outgoing calls, sometimes it is very necessary to disable outgoing calls,  so if you want to try it you can just dial the code and it will disable all outgoing calls, which means that your line will be barred from making any call until you disable this feature by dialing this code #33*# any time.

5. Instant factory reset settings: Incase if you got a new phone and you wish to wipe or reset it and remove all it settings including the Google account on it , you can simply dial the combination code *#*#7780#*#* this code will delete all the data on the device including images videos and others like call history will be gone. Don't forget that this combination is irreversible, so do not use this code without a good reason.

6. Whole Reinstallation: If you want to go further and format Your phone you can dial *2767*3855# this code will reset your phone settings and also reinstall its frame ware, so therefore always think twice before doing this , there is no going back once you press this combination, this code only work on android phones.

7. Better Communication: When you dial the code *3370# on an iPhone device, it only turn on EFR signals to improve the quality of your communication but unfortunately this feature drains battery so fast, so you have to be ready for constant charging if you want to activate this feature. You can always deactivate this feature by dialing this code *3370# again.

8. Listen to yourself: This is a fascinating feature for an android device, press *#*#8351#*#* you can do this when you want to refresh your memory from the last calls you have made or recreate your own voice, doing this is just for fun.

9. Service center number: iPhone  users can simply find out their device centre number for caring provider by dialing the combination code of *#5005*7672# this is the cool and easy way to get the correct number of service provider instead of searching for it from another resource.

10. Quick Turning Off: When you long press the power button, your phone gives out some options, instead of waiting to see that options, there is this simple code you can dial that will switch off your phone instantly, dial *#*#7594#*#* and your phone will turn off immediately without displaying those options.

11. Activate Call Waiting: When you dial *43# on your iphone , it will enables your phone to allow call waiting, for some people who receives more calls than messages, you can turn this off by dialing #43#

12. Quick Service Menu: This code only work for the owner of Samsung Galaxy, when the combination code of *#0011# is pressed, the service menu will be displayed with some important information you may need.

13. Signal Information: This code is very useful for iphone users to show signal, but quiet sometimes, its better to turn on numeric mode instead of seeing the graphic mode of -97, to do that dial *3001*12345#* then press and hold the power button until you see an option and then press the home button, Activated. Do you know that -140 DBA is the worst signal and -40 DBA on the other hand is the best one.

14. Straight to voice mail: Some people are bound to receiving many calls than text messages, so therefore, you can easily forward all your incoming calls t voice mail when you feel like not picking them, just dial this combination of code *#21# on your iPhone device.

15. Hide Number: Pressing the combination of code #31# on any device type, Android/iPhone, this code will enables you to hide your phone number from other to see it, whenever you make call to their phone, this is the best and easy way to activate the private number feature in call settings. You can turn off this feature by dialing #31# again.


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