How To Remove background from Image in CorelDraw X7

Remove background

As a beginner in graphic designs, the most important aspect of design to know are many, in which one of it is to know how to crop image and remove background from Image,  in this post I will teach you a very easy way you can use to remove background from Image using CorelDraw tools,  are you familiar with the CorelDraw tools and how to make use of each tools? If no, watch this video now:

Removing background from Image is so easy in coreldraw as there are many ways you can do that, like using the power clip option method,  the shape tool method or using the pen tool with intersect button,  in this tutorial I will be explaining how to use the pen tool and the intersect, together with the lens effect to remove background from Image. 

Pen tool

The tool we use in removing the background is the pen tool, which will be selected and use it to trace picture from its edges just like the way you have seen it in the Image above,  when tracing you have to make sure that the line touches the edges of the image(shape) you want to crop out, so that you can get the background removed out of the picture.

Tracing image
Tracing image with the pen tool

So when you have finish tracing the  image,  you will then use another tool call the shape tool to shape the tracing by pressing the F10 for Shape tool of select it in the Tool bar. 

When traced to the end, you  will make sure that the pen tool is close to the starting point just like you have seen it in the image above, 

Mark all node
Selecting All Nodes

Then You will press Ctrl + A  to mark all the nodes then You will click the convert to curve after that, you will use the shape tool to shape the trace you did earlier in order to fit the image to the body just like the way you have seen it in the image below, 

Shaping the Traced Image 

You are going to shape it until the end of the trace you made, when you are done with the shaping, next is to remove the background from the image. 

How To Remove The Background 

This is how you will remove the background from the image. There are two ways in which you can use to remove the background from the traced image. 

You can use any way you like but the fastest and easiest way is to use Intersect button because it has no long process like that of the Lens effect.

Lens effects
Lens Effect. 

If you want to use the Lens effect, you will hold down the (Alt + F3) that's the alternative key plus the f3 so when pressed it will show the lens effect dialog, just as you have seen it in the image below, then you will click on Color Add from the list of options and then click frozen when you click on frozen, it will enable the traced shape to be cropped out from the background then you will ungroup all (Ctrl + U)  and delete the background that you need not. There are three things to be seen after that stage, there will be the outline from the image, the main picture and the shadow from the picture,

Image shadow

so you will delete it and leave the main picture, that's what you need.

The second way we can use is Intersect button 


The image above is the traced picture, so if you want to use intersect button, you will left click on the traced image to select the outline and then hold down the Shift button and left-click the background of the image, it will appear the intersect bar at the top menu then you will click on Intersect, then it will trim out the image from the background.

Intersected Image. 

You can delete the background and you are left with the image traced earlier.

Remove background
Background Removed. 

In case you will like to watch the video on this tutorial, below  is the YouTube version of it,  watch and do subscribe to my channel for more CorelDRAW Tutorials. 


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