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The story of Prophet Ibrahim's Test (as)


May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and upon all those who follows his guidance,  those who follows his footsteps until the last day. 
Below is the story of our father,  our prophet Ibrahim (as),  the story is long but this is a clip out of it,  with the title connotes above.  Other part of the story shall be posted very soon in sha Allah. 

Prophet Ibrahim (as) left his family 

Prophet Ibrahim (as) was once in a desolate desert with his wife and son when Allah told him to leave them (swt). A meager supply of food and water that would only last two days was all he had left for them.

He left while saying a prayer that decent people would find them. To feed her son, Hajar (ra) drank the water that the prophet had left. Very quickly, the water ran out, and they both developed severe thirst. After a while, the infant began to cry because it was thirsty. She hurried to a nearby hill known as Al Marwah in the hopes of running into someone.

She waited there in vain, hoping to see someone! In an effort to locate someone from that area, she then ran to the following mountain, Al Safa. But she also failed to track out anyone from that region! Seven times, she continued to sprint between these mountains. She was really exhausted when she made her final ascent of Al Marwah.

She sat next to her infant since she was so exhausted. At that moment, she heard a voice. She remained still while she waited to hear the voice once more, and when she did, she said, "Ho!, whatever you may be, you have made me hear your voice!" Do you have anything that can assist me?

She then noticed an angel preparing the ground. The angel persisted in digging until water began to pour from it! A miracle occurred! She rushed for the water as soon as she spotted it and began to create a basin around it. She sipped from the water after scooping it up with her hands. She ran toward her child after filling the water bag.

The Discovery of Water Zam Zam.

Zam Zam is the name of the location where the water rose. Some folks were passing through Mecca after a few days. They noticed the birds soaring about Al Marwah and assumed they were doing so over the water. They set off to make their way to Al Marwah. They were shocked to see a mother with a baby sitting by the river when they got there!

Do you mind if we stay here and use this water? They questioned her. They drank water from the Zam Zam after Hajar(ra) replied "yes". Many more individuals followed in their footsteps and eventually made Al Marwah their home. Now that the valley was alive, she and her child were no longer by themselves. Ismail (as) grew raised there and studied Arabic with the locals who had made Al Marwah their home. He was a good boy, and everyone admired him for his virtues and qualities. He continued to consider his father and was confident that he would return one day.

Ismael Got married to Sarah. 

Ismail (as) afterwards wed a local woman and led a peaceful existence. Prophet Ibrahim (as) was grieving because he had not seen his son for a very long time. He made the decision to meet his wife and son in Mecca one day. He traveled for several days before arriving in Al Marwah. However, it was quite late. People informed him that Hajar(ra) had passed away before he came, which made him very sad after learning this, the locals informed the prophet that his son, Ismail (as), was still alive. The prophet expressed his gratitude to Allah (swt) after learning this. Ismail(as) raced to his father and gave him a bear embrace as soon as he spotted him. His eyes were so unbelievable to him! After a very long period, he was overjoyed to see his father.

Prophet Ibrahim Return To His Son.

It was a very happy time for both of them, but one day, Allah decided to test Ibrahim(as). One night when the prophet was sleeping, he saw a dream! In his dream the prophet saw himself killing his son as a sacrifice to Allah (swt). The prophet woke up, and ignored it as it was just a dream, but the next night, he saw the same dream again! This time he realized that this was not just a dream, and that Allah(swt) was asking him to sacrifice his own son! The prophet went to his son, and told him about the dream. Ismail (as) realized that it was an order from Allah(swt) "Do what Allah(swt) has asked you to. He told his father. 

Prophet Ibrahim's Fulfillment of His Dream.

The next day, the prophet took a rope and a knife, and set out for mount Arafat, along with his son. Upon reaching the top of the mountain, Ismail (as) asked his father to tie his hand and legs, so that he may not struggle during the sacrifice. The prophet obliged, and tied his hands and legs. Then he blindfolded himself so that he wont have to watch his son suffer. The prophet raised his knife, but then suddenly, he heard the voice from the sky. He took off his blindfold, and saw a sheep being sent from heaven.


Allah(swt) had sent the sheep to be sacrificed instead of Ismail(as). The prophet was really happy, because his son was going to be alive! The prophet and his son had just passed a difficult test from Allah (swt) Ibrahim (as) slaughtered the sheep, and they had a big celebration. The prophet and his son kept calling people to worship Allah(swt). They didn't have any place to worship Allah(swt).

The Building of Ka'abah. 

So one day, Allah(swt) ordered the prophet to build a house!! Allah(swt) has ordered me to build a Ka'abah, the prophet said to his son. And Ismail(as) replied, Do what your God has ordered you to do. The prophet then asked his son if he will help him build the kabbah, and Ismail (as) agreed. They started building the foundation of the kabbah. Ismail (as) brought the stones, while Ibrahim (as) built the house. When the walls got tall, Ismail(as) brought a large stone for the prophet to work by standing on it. This stone was called Maqam-e-Ibrahim.

When they completed the foundation, and built the corners, Ibrahim(as) asked Ismail(as) to find the stone to fill the corner. I feel tired, Ismail (as) said to his father. But when the Ibrahim(as) insisted, Ismail(as) went searching for the stone. While he was gone, an angel got the prophet a stone. The angel told him that this stone was brought to earth by Adam (as) from Paradise! The stone was originally white, however its color gradually turned into black because of the sins commited by people on earth.

Ismail(as) returned after sometime, and when he saw the stone. he was surprised and asked his father where it came from. It was brought by someone who never gets tired, replied Ibrahim(as) And they finally completed building the Kabbah They prayed to Allah (swt) to accept their work, Allah(swt) was very happy with the prophet and his son for spreading his message. And proclaimed the pilgrimage among men, they will come to thee on foot, and on every kind of camel, lean an account of journeys through deep and distant mountain highways.

Ismael and His Family at Old Age. 

The prophet grew old, and so did his wife Sarah. One day when he was sitting outside his house, he saw three men coming towards his house. The three men were actually angels sent by Allah (swt). The prophet welcome them inside to have food. The strangers went in and sat down for food. The Prophet served them a roasted calf! But the strangers did not touch the food at all. The prophet started to fear. Then the angels comforted the prophet and asked him not to fear at all. They told him that they were actually the angels sent by Allah (swt). They informed him that they came to his house to deliver a good news. They said that Allah (swt) was going to give them a son, and that he should name him Ishaaq.

They also told him that his son would be a prophet. Sarah could not believe her ears! How could that be true, she wondered. I am so old, then the angels said, all things are possible with Allah (swt). And after a few months, Sarah got pregnant and gave birth to a child! The prophet named him Ishaaq(as), as the angels told him. After a few years, Prophet Ibrahim missed his son Ismail (as) badly, so he went to see him. But when the prophet reached the house of Ismail (as), he was not at home. His wife came out, and when the prophet asked her about Ismail(as), she replied, He has gone in search of livelihood. He then asked her how was their living conditions, to which she started complaining about everything! She complained that they were living in misery and hardship, and many other things. She was not at all grateful to the blessings of Allah (swt).

The prophet realized that she was not at all a suitable wife for his son, so left her a message that his son would understand. When your husband returns convey my salutations to him, he said and also tell him to change the threshold of the gate. The prophet then went back to his home.

When Ismail(as) returned home in the evening, he felt something unusual. Did anyone visit us today? he asked her. She replied yes, and passed on the message. When Ismail(as) heard the message, he realized that it was his father who visited him that day, and he understood the message that he gave her. It was my father, and he has advised me to divorce you. You can go back to your family, he told her. His wife went back to her house, and Ismail (as) married another woman.

After a long time, Prophet Ibrahim (as) again missed his son badly, so he visited his new house once again. When he arrived, it was his new wife who answered the door. The prophet asked the same questions he had asked his former wife. But this time when she answered, the prophet realized that she was a very grateful and kind woman. She kept thanking Allah(swt) for the wonderful things going on around, and the prophet was very happy. When your husband comes home, give him my regards, the prophet told Ismail's wife. He also added, and also tell him that he should keep the threshold of this gate firm. He left after asking her to deliver this secret message.

In the evening, when Ismail (as) came back, he asked his wife if anyone had come to visit him. When his wife told him about the prophet and the message, Ismail (as) was very happy. It was my father, said Ismail and you are the threshold of the gate. He asked me to keep you with me forever said the prophet happily!!

The Age of Prophet Ibrahim (as) 

Prophet Ibrahim (as) lived for One hundred and seventy five years! (170 years). He lived a life full of trials but he had a strong faith in Allah (swt)!!

Moral Lesson from the story

The life of Prophet Ibrahim (as) teaches us to love Allah (swt) unconditionally. Even though there are more than 25 prophets mentioned in the Quran, Allah mentions only two prophets ideal for whole humanity, and they were: Prophet Muhammed (as), and Prophet Ibrahim (as) Mashallah!

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