The top 3 Yoruba words most people don't know in English

The Top 3 Yoruba Words In English. 

Yoruba words

It is obvious that many of us don't know the English words for some words or phrases in our tribe/language.

We should be careful with the way we speak everyday, we all know that English is not our mother's tongue we all have our respective native. The words below are very common in Yoruba language but many did not know those words in English,  or do you know it?  Comment now. 

  1. Kuli-kuli
  2. Tuwo
  3. Gbẹgiri

I am very sure that you like speaking English, which means that for we to look different, unique and presentable when it comes to speaking our language into English, we must learn to pronounce some kinds of words. For example,

Moi-Moi is called Beans pudding, I guess you know that before then

Akara is called Beans cake and also, 

Pap/Akamu is called Corn flakes.

Do you know the original English word for ILÁ? I will let You know the original name of Okra(ilá).

This is the picture of ILÁ

Okra is nutritious with many health benefits, it is rich in magnesium, folate, fiber and vitamin C, K1 and A. 

Okra is beneficial for pregnant woman, it also help to reduce blood sugar, control heat health, to avoid embarrassment the original name for Okra is Ladyfinger.

In your closet or when been at home you can call it Okra or ilá but when you are outside you can be unique and different by calling it Ladyfinger.

Enhance Your Spoken English 

Four Ways to enhance your spoken English:

  1. Always read books: Reading is a very powerful instrumental of knowledge,  when you read you learn new things,  you don't just read any how,  you must also learn how to read and understand. 
  2. Check meaning of new words: Another powerful instrument of reading is the dictionary,  you must always work with it,  because when you are reading you will come across new words,  so you need to check for its meaning to get familiar with the word,  there are pocket dictionary which are very portal,  you can carry it along with you every time,  or you can simply download the English Dictionary into your phone for easy access. 
  3. Watch educational T.V program: Always watch educational movies,  one of the old movie that I will recommend for you is "Akila and the Bee" you will learn some new English words watching the movie, there are other Yoruba English movies,  you can check YouTube for interesting ones. 
  4.  Remember practice make progress so always practice what you learn by using them in your daily speaking. 

Top 3 Yoruba words 

Here are some top 3 words I will leave you with, if you can provide an answer in English, for each:

  • Kuli-kuli
  • Tuwo
  • Gbẹgiri
Image of Kuli-Kuli

Image of Tuwo

Image of Gbẹgiri

I bet you can't get it right, drop your comment below and don't forget to share with others.


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