5 things that slowly destroy relationship between lovers.

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5 Things We All Do That Slowly Destroy Relationships

You're entering a new stage of your relationship when you both feel comfortable being yourself once the butterflies in your tummy begin to disappear.

If you're not careful, you could get too at ease and start to forget why you're in a relationship in the first place.

Things don't always have to result in a major fight; sometimes it's just a lot of bad behaviors that, while they wouldn't be a big concern on their own, have a negative impact on relationships before you even notice it.

Here are 5 things people do that erode relationships over time:

1. Ignore each other

Relationships are dynamic, living things that need daily care and attention. Think of your relationship as a garden that needs to be tended to regularly.

If you treat your relationship like a garden, it will rapidly get neglected if you just tend to it when you feel like its regular, sometimes daily weeding, watering, and fertilizing are required to keep it, you must put in effort. Your partnership is the same as any other.

2. Keep a grudge

In all aspects of life, including relationships, forgiveness is crucial. Errors are made by people.

You'll struggle to be happy in the future if you can't let go of things after they apologize and a lot of time has passed.

If you do apologize to your partner, be sincere about it! Don't continually bring up the past. Never keep grudges at all. 

3. Always needing to be right

Nobody is right 100% of all time. Being able to say you're sorry requires you to be able to admit when you did something wrong.

If you can't do that, you're essentially saying you're always right and your partner is always wrong, which is just never the case.

It's not a competition, so losing a couple of battles along the way isn't the end of the world.

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4. Not spending enough time together

We're discussing quality here rather than quantity. What you do while you're together matters a lot more than how many hours you spend in each other's company.

A good connection requires effort. Spend quality time with your partner, whether it be on a date, a stroll, or just by sharing a bottle of wine and talking about your days.

5. Attempting to sway your spouse

This one I've never really understood. Why would you strive to change your lover when you fell in love with them just the way they are? It's possible that your partner isn't the perfect one for you, if you can't seem to accept them for who they are — flaws and all.

People do change sometimes, but it has to be because they want to, not because you forced them into it.

Are you finding it difficult to understand your partner?  Check yourself and see if you do any of the above and then adjust,  you shall see changes.  That's all for now,  do have a nice day ahead. 

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