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Education is fun, especially when you are topping in the University, have you imagine how the Grade is been calculated, you do hear the nice testimony of a graduate around you who finished with a first class, second class upper or lower division, but you do wonder what these means, it's nothing but the position of result for excellent performance.

In the high institution either the University or polytechnic, there is grading system with the maximum point of 5.0, if a student is able to complete all his/her semesters examinations through out the year of studies, they will have their results with position in points, ranging from 0.0 - 5.0 which is consider as the Cumulative Grades Points Average(GPA) with classification according to what points achieved. Let review how the grading system work.

List Of Grades According To Points

Points Remarks
5 A (Excellent)
4 B (Very Good)
3 C (Credit)
2 D (Good)
1 E (Pass)
0 F (Fail)

List of Grades According To Scores

Scores Remarks
70-100 A
60-69 B
50-59 C
45-49 D
40-44 E
0-39 F

List of Grades According to Rank/Position

Points Position
4.50-5.00 First Class
3.50-4.49 2nd Class Upper
2.40-3.49 2nd Class Lower
1.50-2.39 3rd Class
1.0-1.49 Pass


What Is CGPA & GPA?

CGPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average. (This is what you have after both 1st and 2nd semester. In summation and Division, amounting to it)

GPA: Grade Point Average ( This is what you have after every semester).

You should also know the following acronyms in the grading system:

C.U: Credit Units

TCU: Total Credit Unit 

G.P: Grade Point 

TGP or TQP: Total Grade Point or Quality Point.

How To Calculate GPA

Thus, the derivation is as follows:

GPA: This is derived by dividing the Total Grade/Quality point (TQP/TGP) by the Total Credit unit (TCU) for that semester.

For example:
If in a semester, a student earned 90 quality points for 21 credit units, the GPA will be;  

           90÷21 = 4.28

How To Calculate CGPA

CGPA is derived by adding the Total Quality Points (TQP) for all the semesters to date and dividing by the Total Credit Units to date for all semester that's 1st & 2nd.

For example:
If in a semester a student earns a QP of 90 for 21 CU in the first semester and earns a QP of 87 for 20 CU in the second semester, His/Her CGPA will be; 


           = (90+87) ÷ (21+20)

           =  177 ÷ 41
           = 4.31
Therefore, Your CGPA for that session will be, 
CGPA = 4.31

Breaking it Down:

Let's Consider a 1st Semester Result as shown in the table below;

S/n  Units x  Grade     G.P
1 3 × (A) 5  15
2 2 × (B) 4  8 
3 2 × (A) 5 10
3 × (A) 5 15
3 × (C) 3 9
6 3 × (D) 2 6
7 2 × (E) 1 2
18 65

          = 65/18
            = 3.61
Let us now consider 2nd Semester Result.

NB: We'd carry out same procedure in 1st semester then apply here. 

But let's assume our  TCU & TGP to be 20  and 93 respectively. 
GPA for second semester 
            = 4.65

You'll add first semester and semester together to get CGPA. AS As shown below;
CGPA = TGP+TGP(1st & 2nd semester) / TCU+TCU(1st & 2nd Semester)
   CGPA = 65+94/ 18+20
          = 159 / 38
          = 4.184210

NB: Always your point to 2 decimal places.

Thus: Your main is
CGPA = 4.18

that's Second Class Lower division.You can make 4.50 and above, only if you believe in yourself and your capacity. I wish you success in your academic work. 

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