How To Make ₦10,000 Every week With Palmpay Cash Spree

Review of Palmpay App,  it's features, benefits and how to make money using Palmpay Cash Spree

Hi, welcome to utilitarian blog,  in this article is the review and everything you need to know about Palmpay,  including how you can make  ₦2,000 daily from the Palm pay cash spree. 

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Palmpay Cash spree is one of the best way to make 2000 naira daily as at the moment of writhing this report and if you have been striving hard to get to know how to make 2000 naira daily online and without even spending a dime, you are finally in the right path as this article is going to give detailed explanation on how you can archive your aim, via palmpay cash spree program.

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PalmPay is an electronic wallet and online payment system that provides consumers with financial services through a mobile app. This article explains how to use and earn money with PalmPay's capabilities.
The ability for users to make money while using the mobile app is one of PalmPay's great features. On PalmPay, rewards, bonuses, and cashback are ways to make money.

You can pay bills, recharge airtime, receive money into your account, send money to other users, and withdraw money to a bank account using PalmPay. You can always use the reward points you get after certain transactions.

Before we proceed,  let take a look at some of the features of this application and its benefits. 

Features and benefits of Palmpay App

PalmPay offers its consumers a variety of tools through which they can make payments. It serves as an alternative to using your standard bank account when conducting straightforward transactions. When compared to the majority of conventional banks, its service fees are negligible.

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With PalmPay, you can also take advantage of Virtual Top Up services. Sending cash to friends and relatives is safe and takes only a few minutes. You can purchase different memberships as well as phone recharges.
Within the software, you can also engage in affiliate marketing. Once your friends make their initial deposit, you can enjoy certain benefits by referring them. When customers open an account with PalmPay, they will also get a welcome bonus right away.

Some of its benefits.

The PalmPay mobile app comes with many benefits:

  • Low service charges during transactions.
  • Easy payment of bills and fast VTU services.
  • Guaranteed security and safekeeping of user information.
  • You can earn bonuses and rewards when you make transactions.
  • You earn money for each person you invite.

Is it safe to make use of Palmpay?

Utilizing PalmPay is incredibly secure. Your deposits are held by a reliable and safe business. Transsnet is the owner and operator of PalmPay. Transsnet is a joint venture between Transsion Holdings and NetEase.

Itel, Tecno Mobile, and Infinix are all produced by Transsion Holdings, if memory serves. There is now a collaboration between the two businesses. All Itel, Tecno, and Infinix smartphones will come with the PalmPay app pre-installed as part of this cooperation.

PalmPay is not only owned by a respected business but also has physical offices in Ghana and Nigeria.

The Nigerian headquarters of PalmPay are located at 20, Opebi Road, Ikeja in Lagos, Nigeria.

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The Ghanaian head office is located in Accra, Ghana, at 54 Senchi Street, Airport Residential Area.

How to Open a PalmPay Account

Below are the simple steps you can following to start using the Palmpay App. 

1. Install the app -

Install the PalmPay app on your phone or tablet. Both the iOS Store and the Google Play Store have it for sale.

2. Open the app and register

Open the app, then select the Sign-up option. Enter your phone number after choosing your country code. Here, a verification code will be sent to your phone number.

3. Double-check your phone number

Wait for a verification code after submitting. When the next page loads, enter the verification code that was texted to your phone number.

4. Configure your pin

You must create a pin with four digits. You will confirm after entering your desired code.

How to add money to or fund your PalmPay account.

Your PalmPay account may be funded quickly and easily. Your debit card can be used to finance your PalmPay account. The steps are as follows:

  • The "fund" button will appear on your profile dashboard.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit in money.
  • On the following page, enter the transaction description (optional).
  • Choose a payment option. You have the option of choosing from your currently linked debit cards or adding a new one.
  • Select your bank from the list of different banks, then enter all the required information.
  • In order to continue with the transaction, enter your security code. The page will change. It will be your bank's safe payment gateway.
  • Your phone number or email address will receive an OTP. After entering the OTP, press the "complete" button.
  • If the deposit is successful, your dashboard will be displayed.

How To Make 2,000 Naira Daily Online Via Palmpay Cash Spree.


PalmPay gives sign up bonus and cashback on every transaction you make. When you sign up now, you get ₦1,750 as a sign up bonus, which when you refer additional 4 of your friends to gain ₦250 to complete and make your bonus ₦2,000, which you can withdraw directly to your bank account. Sign up by clicking on this link here to get started with your phone number. 

If you qualify, you can also borrow up to ₦150,000 with PalmPay Flexi. Join in now to enjoy!  Click here

To start referring your friends,  follow these few steps below:

  • Go to the PalmPay app on your phone and open it.
  • After selecting "ME," touch the invitation.
  • Select "share."

The URL can be copied and pasted, to be shared with your friends on any social networking platform. Additionally, you can share directly from the app.

To withdraw your earnings simply visit this link here and it will take you to the withdrawal page in the Palmpay App 

Making money through PalmPay

You can make money with the PalmPay app in addition to sending and receiving money. The following five strategies to monetize the PalmPay app are described.

  • 1. Rewards for all purchases: Most of the transactions done with the PalmPay app come with special rewards. These rewards can be discounts or PalmPoints. A PalmPoint is equivalent to ₦1. You can win discounts up to 50% off whenever you want to recharge airtime. For example, you may have 100 PalmPoints. If you want to recharge airtime of ₦200, the 100 PalmPoints will give you a discount of 50%. This means that you will spend only ₦100 for a ₦200 airtime recharge. The amount of PalmPoints you earn depends on how much your transactions are worth.  Also, you will earn a bonus of 2% (in the form of PalmPoints) whenever you pay bills like electricity bills and Cable TV subscriptions. However, this applies only to the first 5 bill payments.
  • 2. Cash binge: This is a referral feature that helps users to make money on the PalmPay app whenever they invite someone successful. If the person honours your invite and creates an account with PalmPay, you will receive a ₦300 reward. The person you referred will also receive a welcome bonus.
  • 3. Moni awoof: Awoof Moni is also a referral feature on the PalmPay app. However, this feature is slightly different from Cash Spree. In Awoof Moni, both you and the person you sent an invite to will be rewarded. For example, you can send an airtime coupon worth ₦100 to a PalmPay user (or a friend that is yet to join PalmPay). Once the person redeems it (or create a PalmPay account to claim it), you will get a cashback of ₦100. This is a good way to get airtime recharge for free on the PalmPay app just by referring friends and sending invite coupons.
  • 4. Playing the lottery (Lucky Game): This lucky game is more of a lucky draw. You can win discounts and coupons, airtime coupons and different cash prizes. Also, you can win nothing! The cash prizes you win may vary each time since it’s a game of luck. To frequently get the chance for a lucky draw, you should perform transactions frequently.

  • 5. Enlisting in PalmForce: If you have referred up to 5 people successfully on the PalmPay app, then you are eligible to join PalmForce. PalmForce allows you to earn real cash instead of the usual PalmPoints. When you invite people and they create an account, you will get the reward paid directly into your PalmPay account. Also, when any of these users make a transaction, you will earn a little bonus. The bonus depends on the amount of money involved in the transaction. Although it’s not compulsory to join PalmForce, most people won’t throw away an opportunity to earn legit money. You can join PalmForce once you have up to 5 successful invites.
Note: When you are registering on palmpay use this code below to get ₦700 for free.


Download the Palmpay App

There isn't currently a browser-based version of PalmPay. You must use the mobile app to access PalmPay services.

The PalmPay app is already pre-installed on all latest Itel, Tecno, and Infinix smartphones. You can simply download the app from the internet if you don't utilize any of these companies.

The Google Play Store offers downloads for Android phone users. The iOS Store also offers downloads for iPhone users.

PalmPay head office address.

Despite being a Chinese company, PalmPay has physical offices in Nigeria and Ghana. The Nigerian head office is at 20, Opebi Road, Ikeja in Lagos State, Nigeria.

The Ghanian head office is located at 54, Senchi Street, Airport Residential Area, Accra in Ghana.

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