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Fairmoney Referral Program – Earn Up To N100,000 Without Investment

Fairmoney referral program is the latest easiest way to make cool cash online doing what you have been doing for free and when I said you can make up to 100,000 naira via the program, I am telling you the plain truth and of cause, it’s very feasible to attain.


Initially, fairmoney referral program pays you a sum of 500 naira to get new users registered on the app, but recently, the amount was increased from the Said 500 to 1500 and now 5500 per referral or even 7500 per referral. Imagine getting up to 7500 just to invite a single person to download an app? That’s amazing right?

The opportunity am about to reveal to you in this guide is going to be the easiest way you could ever use to fetch yourself some cool cash without investing a dime.

About fairmoney app.

FairMoney app is a loan app and at the same time a mobile banking app that gives you the opportunity to to carry out FREE bank transfers, and get instant loans without collateral. In the last four years, over 3 million customers have relied on fairmoney for loans whenever they’re financially troubled or need to sort some things while they have no cash.

However, that’s not where to focus on now, we have provide you with all the information you need about the app in our previous guide where we explained in details, all you need to know about the fairmoney digital wallet and mobile loan app.

Today, our Main concern is how to make money with recently lunched fairmoney Cashback bonus campaign that gives you a whooping sum of N5,000 to N7000 per referral and as well gives you the opportunity to get N1,000 to N1500 for free, just to sign up a take a loan from the app.

How to register on fairmoney

To register on fairmoney, all you have to do is to copy the code below:


Now, click here to download the fairmoney app From google play store, open the app and select the option to create an account, you will b asked if you have a referral code, click yes and paste the code you copied above, then click on the apply button and continue to complete the registration.

Note: Make sure you apply the code during registration so as to get your registration bonus of ₦5,000

Now that you have complete your registration, simply click on the get a loan button and apply for the lowest amount of loan that is available for you. Most times, you will be given 1500 to repay a Total sum of 1800 naira. Don’t worry, your registration bonus will cover the interest apply.

Notification: Do not select 2 weeks or less for the loan duration, always select one month (30 days) so as to be able to get your registration bonus

Once you complete your registration and take a loan successfully, you’re now eligible to get a registration bonus of N1,000 or N1,500, depending on Fairmoney decision.

Note: That you must apply N7FC8 as referral code during registration so as to get your registration bonus.

You don’t like taking a loan?

Yes! I have gotten this from lots of individuals claiming that they don’t want to take a loan, but we’re not taking a loan for utilization in the first place, if you don’t like taking a loan, all you have to do is to take the loan just to activate your account and Repay the loan. You can repay it immediately or anytime you like, just make sure you pay back before the due date.

Note that all your details are completely safe with fairmoney, be it your BVN or card details. They are Registered and regulated by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN)

Is the registration bonus instantly?

No! The registration bonus is not instantly, you will be paid within 14 days or within the month that follows your registration month. E g, if you register in the month of April, you will get the bonus at any day in the month of may.

How to accumulate up to N100,000 for free on fairmoney

Now that you have complete your registration, the next thing is to start Accumulating and this is where you will be able to make the stated N100,000 or even more. Imagine inviting 15 individuals to the app and 10 of them are able to take a loan, that’s a whooping sum of 50,000 naira. And if you’re qualified for the 7000 per referral, that’s a whooping sum of 70,000 for just 10 referrals.

Now, to make a hundred thousand naira from the app, all you have to do is to refer just 20 individuals that are eligible to take a loan.

One thing is constant, you will either get N5,000 per referral or N7,000 per referral. You can now do the calculation yourself, set a target and work towards it.

How fairmoney Cashback Campaign works

FairMoney MFB has made making money easier than ever with Refer and cash-out. You can now make ₦5,500 or N7500easy cash without disrupting your daily routine.

To cash-out, get any of your friends, colleagues, family, acquaintances or anybody to take their first FairMoney loan using your referral code and you are one step closer to smiling to the bank. To get your cashback follow these simple steps

Refer a friend to download the FairMoney app

  • Make sure they use your referral code when they sign-up on the app
  • Ensure they apply for and accept their first FairMoney loan

Earn ₦5,000/7000 cashback and ₦500 discount on your next loan plus an additional ₦1,000 for your friend upon the loan disbursal

It is so easy, it feels unreal. But it isn’t because many Nigerians including myself have been and are still cashing out with this. So don’t waste anymore time overthinking, start referring your friends to get their first FairMoney MFB loan and start making that money.

Terms and Conditions:

There is no limit to amount of people you can refer: Eligible users (the ‘Referrer’) can refer multiple friends (the ‘Referee’) with their referral code until the offer campaign is closed – both will enjoy cash-back

The Referee must use the Referrer’s Referral Code to take their first loan

The Referee must not already be a FairMoney user and must not have an existing FairMoney Bank Account

Cash-back will be credited to all eligible users by the first week of the following month. For example, if you refer 20 individuals to register on fairmoney and take a loan in the month of April, you will be credited with a whooping sum of N100,000 within the first week of may.

Fairmoney referral code

Ok! Having known that your referral must sign up on the app with your code for you to get your bonus, then there is the need to show you how to get your fairmoney referral code and getting the code is very simple.

All you have to do is to login to your fairmoney account and click on the profile button at the bottom right corner of the app, select invite friends

And you will see a button that says copy link, copy the link and paste it somewhere, you will see some alphabets written in capital letters at the end of the link, that’s your referral code. For example, below is my referral link when I copied it and the outlined alphabets are my referral code.

In this case, my referral code is N7FC8 . That’s how to get your referral code on fairmoney Referral Program, however, you can use the link to refer directly and the code will be applied automatically during the registration.

Fairmoney withdrawal

To withdraw to your bank account is very simple, easy and fast, as it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, fairmoney is Also a digital wallet and sending money out of your wallet is just like transferring money from one bank to another.

Immediately you get credited with your bonus, you will receive it directly to your fairmoney bank balance as shown in the first image attached to this guide, all you have to do is to click on transfer button and follow the prompts to complete the transfer.

How to know the number of individuals you have referred

Immediately your referral someone to the app and they’re able to take a loan, you will earn 5000 discount immediately and this can be seen by going to the referral area of the app. You will see the number of people you have referred and the used and unused loan discount.

If you see 3 referral on this page, them you will be receiving 15000 on the next pay out. However, you might be wondering about how to use the loan discount, it’s a discount on loan and fairmoney will automatically deduct is from your next loan. For example, if you have Total of 1500 in your loan discount balance and on your next loan, you borrow 5000 plus interest, the repayment will be 6500.

Now, your payback will be 5600 – 1500, the. You will be paying 5000 back. If you have More than that, then you use same format to calculate. E.g, 6500 – 4500.

Why is referral bonus is 5000 or 7000 and not fixed to a particular amount

I am very sure my claim that you will get 5000 or 7000 bonus per referral will be a little bit confusing and I have decided to shed note light on that fact in this section.

The recent fairmoney Cashback campaign bonus lunch make use of an algorithm that rewards user A more than that if the user B and the factor they explore to makes it looks like that is best known to them.


How can I know the amount I will earn per referral

Good! This is a brilliant question! You cannot start Accumulating without knowing th exact amount you’re getting per referral. Now, immediately you complete your registration on Fairmoney and take loan, all you have to do is to pay attention to your email and SMS, Fairmoney will send you a message concerning the fairmoney referral program, any amount contained in this message is the amount you’re going to be earning per referral.

Latest update on fairmoney referral program for the month of October/November 2022

Fairmoney Referral Program Now Pays N12,500 per referral

Imagine getting paid with a whooping sum of N12,500(twelve thousand, five hundred naira) for every individuals you referred to the fairmoney app without investing a dime. That’s amazing right!!!

As it reflects in the image above, the fairmoney app and it’s management has increased it’s referral earnings to up to N12,500 per referral and in this update, I will be providing you with the breakdown of how the latest development works and how you can take advantage of the latest opportunity to accumulate as much money as possible on the app.

Is very simple and if you read the previous part of this guide, you should have fully understand how the fairmoney referral program works, how to get your code and everything. The only difference right now is that previously, you will earn N1,000 to N7,000 per referral but how, you will earn N12,500 per referral.

How to earn N12,500 per referral on fairmoney

The earnings pattern is equally distributed between different tasks on the platform and in this section, I am going to provide you with all the tasks involved and the amount attached to each tasks.

Loans referral bonus

When you refer a new customer to download and register on the fairmoney app and the person takes their first loan, you will get up to ₦7,500.

Rule: The Referee must use your Referral Code to take their first loan and the referral cashback offer in this section only valid for loans of amount equal to or greater than ₦5000.

Electricity Recharge fairmoney referral bonus

You also get rewarded up to ₦2,000 when you refer someone to buy electricity on the FairMoney MFB app worth ₦1000 or more.

Rule: this bonus is only valid on the 1st transaction of the user within 30 days of signing-up with FairMoney MFB using your referral code.

KYC tier 3 upgrade fairmoney referral bonus

When you get a FairMoney customer to upgrade their account to a tier 3, you earn flat ₦300.

Rule: KYC needs to be upgraded to tier 3 within 30 days of user signing-up with FairMoney MFB using your referral code.

Mobile data Recharge referral bonus

when the person you’ve referred buys data with their FairMoney app, you get paid up to ₦1,000.

Rule: this bonus is only valid on the 1st Mobile data recharge of the user within 30 days of signing-up with FairMoney MFB using your referral code.

Fairlock Deposit bonus

When the person you’ve referred makes their first FairLock deposit worth ₦10,000 or more, you get up to ₦2,000

Rule: this bonus is only valid on the 1st fairlock deposit of the user within 30 days of signing-up with FairMoney MFB

Finally, When your referred friend does fulfils all the above conditions, you get additional ₦1,000 cashback.

Adding all this together, you will get up to 12,500 per referral, that’s if the referee is able to complete all the tasks.

Good News

The good news here is that all the bonus above didn’t depends on each other, this implies that if you refer someone and the person is able to buy data but didn’t qualify for a loan, then you get the bonus attached to the data tasks and etc.

However, you should note that fairmoney reserve all the rights to modify the incentive and the referral program with or without your consent and the up to N12,500 attached to to Promo means you stand a chance to get up to N12,500 per referral and not that you will get N12,500 in every case. You might get less sometimes even when the referee complete all tasks.

The more task you’re able to complete, the more Cashback you get as a new users. Note that your first loan amount should be N5000 and above.

Oya, let’s go!!!


Above is the detailed information on all you need to know about the fairmoney referral program and how the Cashback distribution works, however, if after reading this guide, you still have any question, simply drop it in the comments section of this post and you will get the appropriate response as soon as possible.



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