Taskpay App: How to get Free $25 Gift Card.

Taskpay: Get $25 Amazon Gift card for free from the Taskpay Mobile App.

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Hi there,

How are you doing,  have you been hearing about Taskpay? 

It is a free android application that rewards it user for just making use of the app on a daily bases. The app offer you free money when ever you are using the app and complete some simple task. 

In this post I will be showing you how you can get a free Gift Card which is worth of $25-$100 from this app. 

How to get $25 Amazon Gift Card for free

To get the Gift Card,  all you need to do is to download the app from play store,  use the button below to get it now. 

  • After downloading the app, open it and register with either your email or sign-up button.
  • After successful registration,  you should be credited with $1 for registration bonus. 
  • Next to get your first free $2 by claiming it using the code below: click on the code to copy (Long press and select “Copy link text” )
Click on code to copy EA-09IKq2OB

Note: If you don't use the referral code above, you won't get the $2, remember to use the code after registration.
  • Navigate to the share tap at the button of the dashboard just as in the image above and click on the referral tap to claim your $2.
  • Click on "Use & Claim" and input the code copied earlier in the text area provided and then click continue (see image below),  you will be given $2 instantly. When you check your balance you should see a total balance of $3.
You need additional $22 to get your first free Gift Card from Taskpay. So how do you go about it? 

Now the next thing you will do is to invite, at least 10 of your friends to help you claim and use  $2 by sharing them your own unique referral code. Copy it and start sharing, when you get 10 people who download the app and also claim $2 each you will get $20 which means you have $23 in your balance. 

Great! You need just $2 to get the free $25 Gift Card and redeem it from the Taskpay Mobile App. 


You can either play game or do daily check-in to accumulate the remaining $2 dollars. Spin,  watch video and complete captcha is the fastest way to accumulate the remaining $2. 

When you have successfully accumulate $25 in your balance then you will navigate to withdraw and redeem any of the Gift Card of your choice,  either the Amazon, PayPal or Google pay Gift card. 



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